Pawel Zareba
No show-off


Pawel Zareba created this exhibition, or rather a comprehensive spatial intervention, combining works from the last few years with direct interventions into the gallery space. He combines formal minimalism with an energetic line, creating new structures covering both - objects and space. This placement in space is most important for him. Zareba cuts off from the white cubes, creating a unique sphere of aesthetic experience here and now. He doesn't give them any new meanings - he is interested in timeliness and reality. Reality that can be experienced here and now. Zareba's canvases are based on sophisticated combinations of colorful flat surfaces, made with extraordinary precision, creating smooth monochrome panes. He juxtaposes them with works on paper with delicate structures and sublime compositions. These works are combined with expressive painting interventions on the walls, ceilings and floors of the gallery. In Zareba's monochromes we will not find any trace of his activity - the viewer is facing a perfectly smooth surface. On the other hand, the works on paper and the painterly space interventions, are the result of a clearly visible gesture - carried out for long weeks, or on the contrary - under the influence of the moment.


Pawel Zareba

Born in 1965 in Warsaw. Studied painting and graphic arts at Hochsuchle für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig, Germany. He defended his diploma in the studio of prof. Heinz Wagner. Scholarship holder of the Berkenhoff-Stipendium, Worpswede and Kulturfonds, Berlin. He currently lives and works in Zalesie Gorne near Warsaw.


Co-financed by the National Center for Culture Poland under the program Kultura Interwencje.

Partners of the exhibition: Fundacja Pomieszczenie Wystawowe, Fundacja Odrodzenie, Fundusz Popierania Twórczości ZAiKS, Piaseczno municipality, Grupa CSV, LEDVANCE.

Special thanks to Krystyna Stawecka and Andrzej Szczygielski.


 Curator: Ewa Sułek