Ha Cha Youn
Home(s) Project


Dates of the exhibition in the Korean Cultural Center: 15th - 31st October 2019

Dates of the exhibition in Lescer Art Center: 26th October - 11th January 2020


In October South Korean artist Ha Cha Youn has presented simultaneously in two exhibition spaces the Home(s) Project, which she has been developing for years and exhibiting in numerous art galleries around the world. The full exhibition will be presented in Lescer in Zalesie Górne, while one work will be shown in the Korean Cultural Centre in Warsaw.


The idea behind Home(s) Project is to explore living conditions as a basic need of every human being. During a two-week stay in Zalesie Górne (an artistic residence) Ha Cha Youn created her home in the gallery space, introducing Korean aspects of thinking about living space. Today's rooms of Lescer used to be the home of the Wisłocki family and were created as their private territory. To this day, furniture and other traces of life have remained from that period - the pre-World War II years. The artist created a dialogue between her home and someone else's, whose area she has settled. As part of her exhibition, she made an installation corresponding to the interiors of the Wisłocki Villa. She has also presented video works and large-format photographs. During the opening in Lescer the artist has welcomed guests as a hostess, inviting them to her home.


Ha Cha Youn

Born in 1960 in Masan, South Korea. Lives and works in Paris. She studied fine arts at the universities of Nîmes (France; Ecole Suprérieure des Beaux Arts) and Brunswick (Germany; Hochschule für Bildende Künste). Author of artistic installations, photographs, and videos. Her works have been shown at solo and group exhibitions in Seoul, Hong Kong, Masan, Bangkok, Okinawa, Paris, Poitiers, Nîmes, Brunswick, Hannover and other places.


Co-financed by the Multiannual Program NIEPODLEGŁA for the years 2017-2022 under the Subsidy Program Koalicje dla Niepodległej

Partners of the exhibition: Korean Cultural Center, Piaseczno municipality, Centre of Culture in Piaseczno, Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciół Zalesia Górnego


Curator: Ewa Sułek

Producer: Paweł Zaręba